Unsustainable threads

The spirit of Dirk Diggler must have come over me this afternoon.

It happened at home, changing for tonight’s Sustainable 60 awards. It was a disturbing impulse to make myself presentable. Even stylish.

How troubling was my new sartorial interest. There was a time, not long ago, when I felt a similar uneasiness about personal hygiene. These days, I’m literally all spit and polish.

But could I ever come to terms with clean, unwrinkled shirts and un-scuffed shoes?

The point is I wanted to dress up because Sustainable 60 can be festive. Last year’s awards ran late, with stragglers dancing and laughing and having a blast. They were busting moves that would have been completely self-defeating in a roadside sobriety test.

My wardrobe selection was limited. The only clean shirt there was a puffy, floral-patterned number, like something Laura Ingalls might wear to bed.

There was a green-grey suit jacket. But where in god’s holy name did my pants go? A second pair of similar color would have to stand-in, despite all the cat hairs.

I was so obsessed with dressing up that I forgot to change into my shoes, and arrived at the Q in a suit and Birkenstocks. This was a far cry from Dirk Diggler-style. I couldn’t believe how far off I was until I saw a picture someone snapped during cocktail hour.

This isn’t to take away from the evening at all. The Q loft space was a savvy choice for the size of the audience. Its narrow cocktail area focused social energy to foster a positive vibe, abetted by good food and handy drinks.

If the awards event itself went at a pleasant and steady tempo, it was in no small part due to the emcee, Jane Ferrari of Share Yalumba winery in Australia. Ferrari is an organically humorous storyteller. Even her summary of Yalumba’s pesticide-free approach to moth control at its vineyards was captivating, if brief.

Altogether it was a fun night. And I would have stayed to mingle afterwards. I just couldn’t muster the strength for it. Not when I was dressed up like the Mayor of Hobbiton.

Go to Unlimited magazine to read more about the event and the winners.


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