Happy Birthday

Last Night’s Sunset

I call this one "Celestial Impressions." From March 20.

And this one from last night I call "Angel Breath."

And this one I call "A-to-the-k-to-the-47" or "Dear

And last but not least, I call this one, "Oh, Delicate and Gossamer Sky" or "Will my Goddamned Neighbor Across the Street Ever Play Anything Besides Dire Straits When He's Working in His Garage, and What Exactly is He Doing in His Garage All Day and All Night Anyway?"

A special note to my mother: Happy Birthday, or whatever.

A special note to everyone: Click here to read my debut  contribution to bkish.com, a blog for people who think books are worthwhile. I’ll be posting stuff there a few times a month, which at this point is more often than I post on my own blog. Or whatever.